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Let’s get your radio station out of your dreams and into the real world

Create Your Own Online Radio

Let us get you on air and streaming your radio station to the world. No experience necessary. Various levels available from beginner to professional.

Build Your Studio Based On Your Budget

Our team of experts will set up your studio and provide you with professional advice throughout the build. We work within your budget to ensure you have what you need to broadcast.

Podcast Your Shows & Share With The World

The world wants to hear what you have to say. Share your knowledge and thoughts with your audience on your own podcasts on your website and media platforms.

School Radio

Taking what kids are learning at school and bringing it alive in a real world situation, that engages technology to experience what they learn and how it’s relevant to their lives and future.

Creating a place and space for kids to express, find, articulate and experience business in a real live format, creating experience and a real portfolio of work experience, whilst having fun and building their confidence and communications skills.

This is School Radio!

Taking radio everywhere you can imagine

Broadcasting to (and from) anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world

School Radio

Looking to create a school radio station at your school? Not only will we set up your studio based on your budget, but we'll also provide training and professional guidance to get your school radio station off to a flying start.

Pop Up Radio

For conferences, crusades and activations, we can set up a pop up studio at your event, staff it with experienced broadcasters to interview your guest speakers and provide podcasts after the fact for future use.

Hospital & Health Radio

Hospital radio has been "a thing" in the UK for many years. South Africa launched it's first hospital radio station in 2000. We're here to provide your hospital with a radio station, a tool that can be used to educate, inform and communicate to patients and health care providers alike.

Corporate Radio

Corporate radio allows business to own a mouthpiece that can communicate directly with your employees with regards to training and information. Need something in store? We can help you keep your competitors out of your store front.

Hotel Radio

If you are a busy hotel with a large number of guests, why not speak directly to those guests about what activities are on offer in and around the hotel. Own your hotel zone. This can also be covered by a pop up radio set up during peak seasons.

Restaurant & Pub Radio

Play the music appropriate to your restaurant or bar when it should be played. No more love songs on a Friday night or hard rock at breakfast. We'll provide the solution that fits your venue.


Our team has combined experience of over 70 years working with Community, Commercial and Online radio stations. We’ve built the studios, trained the staff and most importantly put them on air.  Our unmatched support means we’re in your corner… always!

Does every radio station need a studio?

Traditionally, yes but not anymore.  Your radio studio can operate from our cloud system meaning no extra space needed.  No specific equipment either.  What’s more is that our fail safe system means you never need to worry about your radio station going off air.  We’ll keep you broadcasting 24 hours a day, even through loadshedding or power outages.

Do I need a licence to broadcast online?

No you do not need a licence to broadcast online.  You do however need to make provision for music rights payments to the appropriate authorities.  GoRadio does not handle that in any way.

DO you provide support when i need it?

Yes. Our experienced technical staff are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Am I able to broadcast from anywhere?

Yes.  Certain of our studio packages are mobile friendly.  Our streaming service does allow you to connect from anywhere in the would and broadcast as long as you have an internet connection and necessary equipment.


One of the biggest problems with restaurants, pubs and the like is that the music doesn’t always fit the mood of the venue.  Often the barman or manager will decide on the music played but is it the right music at the right time for your venue?


Go Radio is a coming together of professional individuals who are passionate about radio, each with their own expertise.

With years of experience, your project is in the right hands.

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